About Us

Unique Wedding Bouquets

Boutique Creations is the site to create the most unique wedding bouquets possible. If you are looking for Unique Wedding Bouquets to make your day absolutely special then you definitely should consider my designs.


The Designer


My anme is Joanna and I am an artist by nature and have created unique wedding bouquets from the most random assortment of items for friends, family and paying customers since the beginning of 2014. Everything from book pages at her own wedding to truly unique Coffee filter flowers, my creations are guaranteed to make the floristry at your day unique and memorable.


Unique Bouquets for your Wedding


I am constantly creating new designs and works with you to design the elements of your special day, from the bridal party bouquets to the mens jacket pin desings and even keeping the theme going with additional table or aisle designs as well. If there is something special that unites the Bride and Groom at your wedding, a love of comic books, Hemmingway poetry, photographs or anything else, I will work closely with you to create the most memorable keepsake of your special day. So Contact me today and let's get started on making your day the most memorable day ever.